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I’ve missed out my creative and phonics areas for some reason!


All the better to see you with my dear…

So today I decided to have a go at making a story map on Google maps. As I am doing Little Red Riding Hood at the start of next year that’s the story I based this map on. I got the idea from this TESConnect resource. I’m pretty pleased with the result, have a look and see what you think!

Under the sea.

Our topic this term is under the sea and after a pretty boring role play area, and failed attempts at fantasy stories last term, I decided that another wow role play area was needed to replicate the fab fairy tale stories we got after Christmas…


DSC00557 DSC00556 DSC00555 DSC00554



So far along the writing process we have looked at a few different sea creatures and read a few under the sea stories. We’ve used alliteration to describe the sea creatures and next    I’m going to lead a few drama sessions in the role play area acting out problems and solutions 🙂 I’m just waiting for the child’s wetsuit I bought off ebay to arrive!

Back to the roleplay area: I was adamant I wanted some fabric to create a definite “under” the sea feel and found this beautiful bargain at the market for just a pound a metre. The fish are fish the children created using a collage technique during our Bread and Fishes miracle lesson! My TAs created the tissue paper backdrop and the water themed paper was from the YPO catalogue that I got at the start of the year for our pirates topic.

The best part is the kids using my old yellow with pink fishes sarong and wearing it as a mermaid/merman tail!

I’ve also put a kids camera and recording microphone in and hopefully we’ll get some good photos and oral story telling out of it prior to getting down to writing.


Despite my anxieties about my assessments being accurate half of my class were Sandwell’d today (Maths test) and it turns out my assessment is pretty much bob on! Happy days 🙂 so I can safely say there is some pretty whizzy maths going on in my class (the head’s words!).  

All I need now is the writing moderation session with my NQT tutor to make sure I’m on track with those and maybe that little voice in my head will leave me alone and trust me.

Very proud of my bunch of littlies- we have worked so hard this year; it’s a relief to see that it has paid off 😀

So Jesus had a sweet tooth?

This one was completely my fault as I had asked my more able writers to imagine what happened after Jesus healed Bartemeaus and Bartemeaus joined Jesus and his crowd. I just really didn’t expect to be reading this:


Jesus had a sweet tooth

 Guess I need to emphasise that it needed to be realistic and that when Jesus was alive one just didn’t pop down the shop for some sweets! R.E strikes again and gives me fits of giggles! Hope you find it as funny as I did 🙂



Have you filled a bucket today?

bucket filler display


Upon stumbling across the story ‘Have you filled a bucket today?’ on the story sack resources on  I thought it would be a good idea to find the book and try it with my class! We haven’t done much PSHE this year and this seemed like a nice one.


Anyway we read the story to which the kids were pretty engrossed in and then discussed how we could be bucket fillers and how not be bucket dippers!

We made the buckets, decorated them and now in the writing area there are little sheets of paper that the children can fill peoples buckets with 🙂

It has worked pretty well; no one wants to be a bucket dipper so all I have to do is mention bucket dipping and the unwanted behaviour stops!

Here are some of the bucket filler writing done today:


DSC00532   DSC00531(Urgh, awful picture quality I really do need a new phone!)

And when they fill someones bucket they fill their own as I put a bucket filler card in theirs. I’ll count up who has the most bucket filler cards and they’ll get a certificate (also from the story sack set from Twinkl– click the word to go to the set). This particular resource is a premium one which means you have to have a membership- which I do because it’s good value for money and the resources are fab 😀

We shall soon see if the bucket filling continues and whether it has a positive effect on the children!


‘We could do better than that Miss!’


Today we read the story Billy’s Sunflower- the blurb told us that there was something different about this sunflower and so with some Kagan style techniques the children began to discuss what made this sunflower different.

This resulted in some good ideas and after getting the children all excited and worked up about the limitless realm of the imagination they really got flowing. Here are a few of their gems!

‘At the top of the sunflower there is a giant lunch box where the food is bigger than you!’

‘At the top there is a castle, then another giant sunflower, then another castle and another sunflower all the way to the moon and Neil Armstrong will be there!’ (Sighs of relief that they haven’t forgotten our History/Science work from before Christmas!)

‘At the top of the sunflower there’s a big trampoline and when you bounce on it you bounce so high that you reach Mars!’

‘There’s a magic door at the top Miss and you can go anywhere you want’

After raising the kids up to the ceiling at this point I had to calm them back down in order to find out what was so different about Billy’s sunflower! Turns out Billy’s sunflower was just dying, bit of a let down really and the kids thought so too.

‘We could write a better story than that Miss!’ Yes I thought yes you could! I was going to leave stories in imaginary worlds till next term but I’m all for letting the kids lead the learning and that’s exactly what we’re going to do!

This weekend’s homework is now to draw a picture of the magical land they think is at the top of the garden and next week we’ll get to work on some fab description. Hopefully since they are so hyped up about it’ll result in some amazing writing.

This does mean of course all my literacy planning for this half term is now at the bottom of the recycling bin…meh It’ll be worth it!