My new classroom


















I’ve missed out my creative and phonics areas for some reason!


First day back…

After trying to get my new classroom ready over the summer I still hadn’t got it perfect when the big day came.

Today the kids were back and my classroom wasn’t up to my own standards, that being said the room worked pretty well… Thinking about it I should’ve taken pics of my continuous provision areas and posted them here so I’ll do that tomorrow (must’ve been too busy or something, fancy that).

Anyway, the day ran fairly smoothly (disregarding the fire alarm going off unplanned just before lunch of course, no Ict in my room whatsoever till later this week, my outdoor area unfinished, oh and my ASD child not having any 1:1 support yet).

But however much I tried to prepare myself that my new class wouldn’t be the little angels my last class. were by the end of last year (rose tinted lenses?)I was still surprised by how loud they were, I’d completely forgotten how loud they are fresh from reception! That being said they are a thousand times better than my last class was at the start of last year. So with that in mind in shouldn’t take as much work with these to get them where I want them 🙂

Brushing up on my HTML!

With coding being at the forefront of the Computing National curriculum I decided to cast myself back to my ICT A Level where we learnt a smattering of html. I’m pretty pleased with the result, it’s basic but also simple enough skills to transfer to school, please take a look:


I’m going to put it forward to the head that perhaps I could deliver a coding club at school to some of the older year groups where they can design their own website on whatever subject interests them. Then with some basic html they can make their own website. I’ll keep you posted anyhow!

Think  I may make a few more of  my own to make sure I’m up to scratch myself 🙂

HTML is actually pretty simple to do you can use notebook on your computer or download free software notebook++.  I started on notebook then downloaded the free software which is intuitive and makes it easier to spot the mistakes in your coding.

A great place to start if you fancy a crack at it yourself is

I used these videos myself for things that  I needed a little reminding of how to do. It’s straight forward and simple to follow and  I would definitely recommend it 🙂




All the better to see you with my dear…

So today I decided to have a go at making a story map on Google maps. As I am doing Little Red Riding Hood at the start of next year that’s the story I based this map on. I got the idea from this TESConnect resource. I’m pretty pleased with the result, have a look and see what you think!


Despite my anxieties about my assessments being accurate half of my class were Sandwell’d today (Maths test) and it turns out my assessment is pretty much bob on! Happy days 🙂 so I can safely say there is some pretty whizzy maths going on in my class (the head’s words!).  

All I need now is the writing moderation session with my NQT tutor to make sure I’m on track with those and maybe that little voice in my head will leave me alone and trust me.

Very proud of my bunch of littlies- we have worked so hard this year; it’s a relief to see that it has paid off 😀

So Jesus had a sweet tooth?

This one was completely my fault as I had asked my more able writers to imagine what happened after Jesus healed Bartemeaus and Bartemeaus joined Jesus and his crowd. I just really didn’t expect to be reading this:


Jesus had a sweet tooth

 Guess I need to emphasise that it needed to be realistic and that when Jesus was alive one just didn’t pop down the shop for some sweets! R.E strikes again and gives me fits of giggles! Hope you find it as funny as I did 🙂



Have you filled a bucket today?

bucket filler display


Upon stumbling across the story ‘Have you filled a bucket today?’ on the story sack resources on  I thought it would be a good idea to find the book and try it with my class! We haven’t done much PSHE this year and this seemed like a nice one.


Anyway we read the story to which the kids were pretty engrossed in and then discussed how we could be bucket fillers and how not be bucket dippers!

We made the buckets, decorated them and now in the writing area there are little sheets of paper that the children can fill peoples buckets with 🙂

It has worked pretty well; no one wants to be a bucket dipper so all I have to do is mention bucket dipping and the unwanted behaviour stops!

Here are some of the bucket filler writing done today:


DSC00532   DSC00531(Urgh, awful picture quality I really do need a new phone!)

And when they fill someones bucket they fill their own as I put a bucket filler card in theirs. I’ll count up who has the most bucket filler cards and they’ll get a certificate (also from the story sack set from Twinkl– click the word to go to the set). This particular resource is a premium one which means you have to have a membership- which I do because it’s good value for money and the resources are fab 😀

We shall soon see if the bucket filling continues and whether it has a positive effect on the children!


I wonder…

Saying what they wonder about is an important part of the R.E curriculum. Something that the majority of children in my class have trouble with. So I decided to create an I wonder book so that children can write in it what they wonder about! I have said if it can be answered we will have a go, but made a point that not all things have an answer 🙂

Anyway to start them off I read them this poem:



By: Jeannie Kirby

I wonder why the grass is green,

And why the wind is never seen?

Who taught the birds to build a nest,

And told the trees to take a rest?

O, when the moon is not quite round,

Where can the missing bit be found?

Who lights the stars, when they blow out,

And makes the lightning flash about?

Who paints the rainbow in the sky,

And hangs the fluffy clouds so high?

Why is it now, do you suppose,

That Dad won’t tell me, if he knows?


A simple but thought provoking poem I think. The children certainly enjoyed it anyway and I asked them to talk to their friends about anything that they wonder about. Got some beauts:

“I wonder why tigers have stripes”

“I wonder how the stars twinkle”

“I wonder where the rain goes from the floor when the sun comes out” (This one astounded me as it came from a rather low ability child! Fantastic thinking 🙂

“I wonder how God made us”

“I wonder what Jesus thought when he was on the cross”

“I wonder how fireworks work”

“I wonder where lightening comes from”

Wonderment achieved 🙂

Exciting times

So if you’ve read one of my first few blog posts you’ll know that my partner has decided to apply for a PGCE. To do this he needs some classroom experience (one of the most important parts of any PGCE application) and so I had a little word with the Head and got him some at our school. On Monday he’ll be entering my domain; my very class! One of the support assistants suggested that it would be weird for him having to take orders from me… she clearly doesn’t understand that I’m the boss at home. The only difference is of course he’ll have to do as he is told without the moaning and whinging (Yes!) In any case he will only be with me for two Mondays before heading into year 3 for a few and finally up to year 5. Upon discussing him coming in with the year 5 teacher we had a good chuckle on the experience he would get with a particularly difficult year 5 class towards the end of the school year. It’ll all be a fab experience for him 😉

From first hand experience from both ends of the scale I know that volunteering in a classroom can either be a great value added experience or a complete bore and a waste of time. Taking that into account I stayed behind a bit longer than usual Friday after school to plan some activities in for the other half to do on Monday. He’ll be delivering a phonics session to an EAL pupil with barely any English anf a new school starter with very little phonics so that’s quite a few PGCE application boxes ticked. Also I’ve planned a maths activitiy for him to do with my top maths group. Then of course there will be the general listening to children reading and supporting groups and I’ll be letting him have a go at levelling a few pieces of writing with APP- should look good on his application too! Next week after he’s had the chance to observe me reading to the children he’s going to have a go at that and I’m going to let him have a go at planning a few activties himself.

We shall see whether the experience gets him all worked up for teaching, or completely puts him off!