Blogs for the Week Ending 6th September 2013


Wednesday was going well…

Exhausted but content I mused, ‘Today has been a good day’ as I stepped out of school. In the 10 steps that takes me from the door to my car I had ended up flat on my face, a huge scag in my tights and a smashed brand new IPhone 5.


‘Has the God of Teaching cursed me for leaving 10 minutes before kick out time,’ I couldn’t help but ponder. Anyway, I dusted myself off and put it to the back of my mind as I set off home.  I walked through the door and related the tale to my partner and started to tear up, ‘I really am wiped out,’ I thought.

Starting dinner seemed the best thing to do to keep my mind off it so I opened the cupboard to a cascading waterfall of spaghetti tumbling into my open arms. I stood there in shock, you know that moment when you just don’t know whether to laugh or cry? Well I began to do both for what I believe to be the first time in my life, I can now honestly say I truly understand that feeling of utter despair and instantaneous hilarity at ones own misfortune. My partner scooped the spaghetti out of my arms saving them from destruction and into the pan; the result of which is sure to give you a giggle when picturing the moments before.


I had said to a colleague earlier today that if I kept going at this pace something was going to give, I just hadn’t realised it was going to be my own body and sanity. Time to take the foot off the pedal a little perhaps?

How to prepare for the PGCE

Another post relevant to starting PGCErs 🙂


When I applied for my own PGCE course I left it rather later and had my interview in July. So by then the university had sent me everything in one package that they had sent to everyone else in dribs and drabs over the year. Obviously I had a lot to do and very little time to do it. However if you have been accepted for a PGCE course around this time of year, you have plenty of time!

That being said, if you are anything like me and sadly enjoy preparing and feel like a nervous wreck sitting around letting time idly pass by then here are a few things that you will find beneficial. Do these and you’ll be top of the class 🙂


The first thing you will want to do if you haven’t done so already is register with It’s free and has fantastic…

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S’along Summer

The summer holidays are drawing to an end and the pre-term jitter nerves are already beginning to surface. That being said I am looking forward to getting back to school.


I wanted to take the time to post a blog, since I’ve been pretty blog inactive all summer, about what I’ve been getting up to. If you regularly read my blog (a big thanks to those who do btw!) then you may remember a post a while ago about an interview back in April I never got back to posting about it but I got the job 🙂 I have been spending 3 hours a day working in a youth centre as part of the Blackburn with Darwen YPS Summer Scheme. It has definitely been an experience working with 9-16 year olds as opposed to main 5-6 year olds. However, ultimately it has been a worthwhile and enjoyable one.


Discipline outside of a school setting is a totally different ball game I have realised but once you establish a good working relationship with the young people and are firm and fair they are generally OK and will listen! It has on the other hand made me appreciate the position I am in as a class room teacher; I could definitely not be a Youth Worker on a full time basis. They are owed a massive credit for the work that they do.


We (myself and the other workers) did have a lot of fun this summer getting the young people involved in a number of activities. Here, take a look:

23930_10151758516101830_1968319970_n 13556_10151780381661830_2012285123_n 47759_10151835646140477_916706912_n 954651_10151835645960477_761416326_n 971578_10151835646075477_754605904_n 995147_10151760293181830_2130660248_n 1002146_10151835765205477_543616930_n 1146719_10151835645740477_47517668_n 1098267_10151835645695477_1271149959_n 1148786_10151835645795477_1039069769_n 1148827_10151835646035477_1250382893_n 1148961_10151835645865477_23038955_n



Although I must admit it was difficult to capture their interest and get them involved with anything! We also made bracelets, which was a big hit, had pool tournaments, table tennis tournaments, Xbox tournaments, played with a giant inflatable ball and a variety of sports.


All in all it was a pretty rewarding and enjoyable summer 🙂



Brushing up on my HTML!

With coding being at the forefront of the Computing National curriculum I decided to cast myself back to my ICT A Level where we learnt a smattering of html. I’m pretty pleased with the result, it’s basic but also simple enough skills to transfer to school, please take a look:


I’m going to put it forward to the head that perhaps I could deliver a coding club at school to some of the older year groups where they can design their own website on whatever subject interests them. Then with some basic html they can make their own website. I’ll keep you posted anyhow!

Think  I may make a few more of  my own to make sure I’m up to scratch myself 🙂

HTML is actually pretty simple to do you can use notebook on your computer or download free software notebook++.  I started on notebook then downloaded the free software which is intuitive and makes it easier to spot the mistakes in your coding.

A great place to start if you fancy a crack at it yourself is

I used these videos myself for things that  I needed a little reminding of how to do. It’s straight forward and simple to follow and  I would definitely recommend it 🙂




All the better to see you with my dear…

So today I decided to have a go at making a story map on Google maps. As I am doing Little Red Riding Hood at the start of next year that’s the story I based this map on. I got the idea from this TESConnect resource. I’m pretty pleased with the result, have a look and see what you think!

The latest haul…

Oh my days! I have found my new place to spend all my money on school things- a Poundworld! Now usually I never find anything good in Poundworld but today was a different story!(Some of these aren’t from poundworld but I will say which ones!)


  1. DSC00388

So this is going to be my new phonics monster (after a little decoration!) class pet that we have to feed everyday. He’s a bit of a fussy eater though you see and will only eat words  with certain sounds in each day- some times he gets so fussy he’ll only eat words that rhyme!






I’m going to use these in my maths area- perfect for bonds to 10 and their matching subtraction facts. Also good for counting and adding if we just fancy keeping score sometimes!



The windmills are from poundworld and the spinning tops are from the works- I’m going to use them in my lesson on recognising things that turn about a point! – also the windmills will be nice if we get the flower bed at the bottom of my new outdoor area next year (fingers crossed!).



Also from the works- can’t resist a nifty little Dr Seuss bargain 🙂



and finally these are from Wilkinson’s perfect for my maths area for counting and sorting!

Under the sea.

Our topic this term is under the sea and after a pretty boring role play area, and failed attempts at fantasy stories last term, I decided that another wow role play area was needed to replicate the fab fairy tale stories we got after Christmas…


DSC00557 DSC00556 DSC00555 DSC00554



So far along the writing process we have looked at a few different sea creatures and read a few under the sea stories. We’ve used alliteration to describe the sea creatures and next    I’m going to lead a few drama sessions in the role play area acting out problems and solutions 🙂 I’m just waiting for the child’s wetsuit I bought off ebay to arrive!

Back to the roleplay area: I was adamant I wanted some fabric to create a definite “under” the sea feel and found this beautiful bargain at the market for just a pound a metre. The fish are fish the children created using a collage technique during our Bread and Fishes miracle lesson! My TAs created the tissue paper backdrop and the water themed paper was from the YPO catalogue that I got at the start of the year for our pirates topic.

The best part is the kids using my old yellow with pink fishes sarong and wearing it as a mermaid/merman tail!

I’ve also put a kids camera and recording microphone in and hopefully we’ll get some good photos and oral story telling out of it prior to getting down to writing.