Have you seen this pencil case?

So this term in literacy we are doing Lost and Found. I wanted to start off with a WOW to give the children all the experience and language that they will need to fully approach the text. So on Tuesday I ‘lost’ my pencil case; I am always misplacing this in class so it was very believable for this children! But this time it wasn’t in the classroom everyone looked for it and I expressed my emotions to the children eg. I’m starting to panic, getting upset and worried.

We then discussed what people do when they lose things-. We said a prayer to st Christopher that my TA told us that her gran used to tell her to say when she lost something and one of the little Muslim children told us what her mum tells her to pray so we did that too! Eventually we came round to the idea of a lost poster and did a shared write of one before making individual ones yesterday.

Today we went around school putting them up, the kids loved this and assured me that this would work. You know what, I have a feeling that they are right 🙂

I’m excited to see where the kids will take us next with this!





2 thoughts on “Have you seen this pencil case?

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