First day back…

After trying to get my new classroom ready over the summer I still hadn’t got it perfect when the big day came.

Today the kids were back and my classroom wasn’t up to my own standards, that being said the room worked pretty well… Thinking about it I should’ve taken pics of my continuous provision areas and posted them here so I’ll do that tomorrow (must’ve been too busy or something, fancy that).

Anyway, the day ran fairly smoothly (disregarding the fire alarm going off unplanned just before lunch of course, no Ict in my room whatsoever till later this week, my outdoor area unfinished, oh and my ASD child not having any 1:1 support yet).

But however much I tried to prepare myself that my new class wouldn’t be the little angels my last class. were by the end of last year (rose tinted lenses?)I was still surprised by how loud they were, I’d completely forgotten how loud they are fresh from reception! That being said they are a thousand times better than my last class was at the start of last year. So with that in mind in shouldn’t take as much work with these to get them where I want them 🙂


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