The latest haul…

Oh my days! I have found my new place to spend all my money on school things- a Poundworld! Now usually I never find anything good in Poundworld but today was a different story!(Some of these aren’t from poundworld but I will say which ones!)


  1. DSC00388

So this is going to be my new phonics monster (after a little decoration!) class pet that we have to feed everyday. He’s a bit of a fussy eater though you see and will only eat words  with certain sounds in each day- some times he gets so fussy he’ll only eat words that rhyme!






I’m going to use these in my maths area- perfect for bonds to 10 and their matching subtraction facts. Also good for counting and adding if we just fancy keeping score sometimes!



The windmills are from poundworld and the spinning tops are from the works- I’m going to use them in my lesson on recognising things that turn about a point! – also the windmills will be nice if we get the flower bed at the bottom of my new outdoor area next year (fingers crossed!).



Also from the works- can’t resist a nifty little Dr Seuss bargain 🙂



and finally these are from Wilkinson’s perfect for my maths area for counting and sorting!


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