Have you filled a bucket today?

bucket filler display


Upon stumbling across the story ‘Have you filled a bucket today?’ on the story sack resources on www.twinkl.co.uk  I thought it would be a good idea to find the book and try it with my class! We haven’t done much PSHE this year and this seemed like a nice one.


Anyway we read the story to which the kids were pretty engrossed in and then discussed how we could be bucket fillers and how not be bucket dippers!

We made the buckets, decorated them and now in the writing area there are little sheets of paper that the children can fill peoples buckets with 🙂

It has worked pretty well; no one wants to be a bucket dipper so all I have to do is mention bucket dipping and the unwanted behaviour stops!

Here are some of the bucket filler writing done today:


DSC00532   DSC00531(Urgh, awful picture quality I really do need a new phone!)

And when they fill someones bucket they fill their own as I put a bucket filler card in theirs. I’ll count up who has the most bucket filler cards and they’ll get a certificate (also from the story sack set from Twinkl– click the word to go to the set). This particular resource is a premium one which means you have to have a membership- which I do because it’s good value for money and the resources are fab 😀

We shall soon see if the bucket filling continues and whether it has a positive effect on the children!



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