Exciting times

So if you’ve read one of my first few blog posts http://wp.me/p1M2a7-f you’ll know that my partner has decided to apply for a PGCE. To do this he needs some classroom experience (one of the most important parts of any PGCE application) and so I had a little word with the Head and got him some at our school. On Monday he’ll be entering my domain; my very class! One of the support assistants suggested that it would be weird for him having to take orders from me… she clearly doesn’t understand that I’m the boss at home. The only difference is of course he’ll have to do as he is told without the moaning and whinging (Yes!) In any case he will only be with me for two Mondays before heading into year 3 for a few and finally up to year 5. Upon discussing him coming in with the year 5 teacher we had a good chuckle on the experience he would get with a particularly difficult year 5 class towards the end of the school year. It’ll all be a fab experience for him 😉

From first hand experience from both ends of the scale I know that volunteering in a classroom can either be a great value added experience or a complete bore and a waste of time. Taking that into account I stayed behind a bit longer than usual Friday after school to plan some activities in for the other half to do on Monday. He’ll be delivering a phonics session to an EAL pupil with barely any English anf a new school starter with very little phonics so that’s quite a few PGCE application boxes ticked. Also I’ve planned a maths activitiy for him to do with my top maths group. Then of course there will be the general listening to children reading and supporting groups and I’ll be letting him have a go at levelling a few pieces of writing with APP- should look good on his application too! Next week after he’s had the chance to observe me reading to the children he’s going to have a go at that and I’m going to let him have a go at planning a few activties himself.

We shall see whether the experience gets him all worked up for teaching, or completely puts him off!


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