My name is Miss Kis and I am a triangle…

Today one of the children drew a picture of me;







I have to say it made me smile! Not sure if I am actually triangle shape (Just off to check…Nope at least I don’t think so!) Although the name ‘Kis’ is not as random as you may initially think. A lot of the children in my class go to Mosque and are not only learning to write in school but also at Mosque. This means of course they sometimes mix up the two and get English being written from right to left and thus we have Kis from Sik- which isn’t a million miles away from Sykes I suppose.


Over my time in schools I have been delighted with a wide variety of names, below are just a few:


Mrs Sick

Miss Saiks

Miss Sayks

Mrs Syakes (so close!)

Miss sykis

Miss Sighks (not bad phonics there :p)

Miss Sikes (again, good old phonics)


Mostly they give me a good giggle so I’m not complaining!



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