I may be mad but…


I’ve got an interview on Saturday for a Senior Summer Scheme leader job! Whether I get it or not is of course another matter but I just can’t face 6 weeks of nothing. Easter was bad enough, the first week was OK, visited family and got all my planning done but 6 whole weeks- no thank you. I just get so fed up after the first week of lazing around. Sure I could spend it visiting friends, going places etc. but saving up for a mortgage and a wedding is pretty costly (who knew?)

untitled (2)


You’d think on a teachers salary I’d be sitting pretty however, getting out of my overdraught is proving to be a nightmare after paying rent, bills, council tax, food, petrol, insurance etc. etc. etc. And let’s not even mention the dreaded £18,000 of student debt that I racked up getting a degree and a PGCE. Basically, I need the summer work for the money more than anything (which is pretty depressing when you think about it). Most of the friends I have that didn’t go to university are actually in better situations than me right now- I just have to keep thinking in the long term I’ll be better off right?



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