Not quite Poundland Pedagogy but close enough!

Yesterday I decided to go for a little shopping trip and ended up strolling into one of my favourite places to browse- Home Bargains.

As a teacher I can’t help but spend my money on things for my class, I just see something and my someone inside my head screams ‘YOU NEED THIS NOW!’- and because I’m not buying clothes or shoes for myself I justify it. (I shouldn’t really- I should in fact be saving for a wedding but It’s really hard to ignore someone screaming in your head you know…).

Anyway, back to Home Bargains, I saw the best thing ever a big fluffy toy flower! As a year 1 teacher I needed this trust me. Initially I thought it would be great to go in our ‘garden centre’ but most things I buy to put in the role play area end up getting broken and this was just to lovely to be put in the dangerous hands of 5 year old monsters :p. However my second idea was far better:


How cute is that?  So now we have a Science working wall! and as Science Co-ordinator I think i’ll keep a science working wall all year round. As we have continuous provision in the class the children have already interacted and used the display to further reinforce their new knowledge of plants! I even caught some drawing and labelling their own in the creative area today. Hoorah!


2 thoughts on “Not quite Poundland Pedagogy but close enough!

  1. Educational shopping sprees are the financial plague of the profession, I currently have four large owl puppets and an industrial sized bottle of bubble mix taking up space in my sitting room!

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