Why I Teach

I teach to inspire. Simple really; I gauge the success of my lessons by how enthusiastic the children are. It really makes my day for example when we’ve been learning about Neil Armstrong and made our own paper non-fiction books in class for the next day to be brought books the children have made at home on him. I know then those not only have those children enjoyed my lesson but they have really embedded that knowledge and been inspired to go and do something independently.

There’s more to it than that though. I teach because I like children, if you don’t find children funny or enjoy spending time with them then your job is going to be an awful lot harder.

I teach to give confidence. It pains me to see children who are scared to get an answer wrong. It has taken the best part of the year to really instil in these children that it’s ok to be wrong. The most infuriating part is that these children do really know the answer- what on earth has been done to these children that they are so scared to be wrong. That being said, despite feeling like a personal cheerleading team- it does feel good to have got them over that barrier.

and I teach because I enjoy it!


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