‘I love reading to you Miss…’


As a year 6 lad once said to me ‘I love reading to you Miss you make it exciting!’. This boy hated reading, and we had a struggle to get him read at home. However when he read to me the fact that I interacted with his reading made the experience so much more enjoyable for him.

I didn’t just sit and listen and I didn’t just blandly ask questions about his reading. I gasped at the exciting bits, I made oos and ahhs and the scary bits and excitedly asked him questions about what he thought would happen next.

I understand that this kind of approach isn’t for every teacher but that’s the kind of teacher I am and it certainly got this boy engaged with reading. And you’ve guessed it, he started reading at home and coming into school the next day excited to tell me what had happened. Job done. It’s still one of the best compliments I’ve ever received and probably ever will.


One thought on “‘I love reading to you Miss…’

  1. That is really cute. ❤

    (Unrelated to this post but) I don't know why I even follow your blog. You seem to be a fun adult with an inner child, I'm a miserable teen who doesn't know how to be happy. You're a primary school teacher, and I have no interest in going back to a primary school ever. I really don't see the connection, and I can't relate to anything you write, but I'm enjoying reading it. You must be a good writer.

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