‘We could do better than that Miss!’


Today we read the story Billy’s Sunflower- the blurb told us that there was something different about this sunflower and so with some Kagan style techniques the children began to discuss what made this sunflower different.

This resulted in some good ideas and after getting the children all excited and worked up about the limitless realm of the imagination they really got flowing. Here are a few of their gems!

‘At the top of the sunflower there is a giant lunch box where the food is bigger than you!’

‘At the top there is a castle, then another giant sunflower, then another castle and another sunflower all the way to the moon and Neil Armstrong will be there!’ (Sighs of relief that they haven’t forgotten our History/Science work from before Christmas!)

‘At the top of the sunflower there’s a big trampoline and when you bounce on it you bounce so high that you reach Mars!’

‘There’s a magic door at the top Miss and you can go anywhere you want’

After raising the kids up to the ceiling at this point I had to calm them back down in order to find out what was so different about Billy’s sunflower! Turns out Billy’s sunflower was just dying, bit of a let down really and the kids thought so too.

‘We could write a better story than that Miss!’ Yes I thought yes you could! I was going to leave stories in imaginary worlds till next term but I’m all for letting the kids lead the learning and that’s exactly what we’re going to do!

This weekend’s homework is now to draw a picture of the magical land they think is at the top of the garden and next week we’ll get to work on some fab description. Hopefully since they are so hyped up about it’ll result in some amazing writing.

This does mean of course all my literacy planning for this half term is now at the bottom of the recycling bin…meh It’ll be worth it!


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