Blog #4 Be the BEST first person in their day.

Completely agree with this- teaching in a deprived area means I have to make sure that my classroom is a warm, welcoming and safe environment. In fact though I believe I would do this regardless- even in a affluent area there are children who are lacking in these basic needs.
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Reluctant Leader

It is important for those of us who greet children in the morning to be very careful about the manner in which we do it.  A lot of our kids come from loving, supportive homes where all of their basic needs are met.  Those kids come in with smiles, they greet us with polite courtesies, and do what they know they are supposed to do.  Some of our kids are not so lucky.

I want to pose some questions to adults who are in children’s lives:  What if school breakfast is the first meal someone has had since school lunch yesterday?   What if walking into the school is the first time they have been warm since yesterday?  What if the adults in the building are the only ones they see because mom and dad don’t bother to come home in the evenings? What if mom and dad are gone, or…

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