First day back: or the importance of being flexible


So after spending a fair bit of time over Easter on a planning mission and creating resources to match you can imagine my utter despair and mad panic when I couldn’t find my life, my love, the one I couldn’t live with out…(etc. etc.) my memory stick at 11pm last night! After tearing up my lovely tidy apartment, forcing my loving fiancé out of bed to join the hunt and having no luck whatsoever I came to conclusion I must have left it in school Thursday when I went in to get some displays ready.

So this morning I get to school and BOOM no memory stick! After 30 seconds of a mad panic I switch off the crazy lady part of my brain ,calm myself down and switch into teacher mode, print off a few copies of the magical 5 minute lesson plan (Lifesaver Teacher Toolkit!). Just like that I had a whole days worth of new plans (and they were pretty good lessons even if I do say so myself) and today ran as smooth as it would have without the beautifully prepared lesson plans and resources. Lucky I’m flexible eh!

Of course I still had that crazy lady nagging at the back of head my going “a terms worth of P.E, R.E, topic and 2 weeks of maths all planned and prepared, gone…GONE?!?!” I managed to squash her back in to the mental cupboard under the stairs for the rest of the day, the whole twilight staff training until I burst through my apartment door. By now I had mentally re-searched the whole of my apartment and re-traced my actions and had convinced myself they had to be n my jeans pocket. They had to be right? or bye bye sanity…

Crazy lady that lives in the mental cupboard under the stairs (or perhaps madwoman in the attic?)turns out to be great at finding things- MY SANITY IS SAVED- I found the precious!!

Am now considering wearing my usb sticks as a necklace…starting a new fashion anyone?


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