Creative Creation

Since I teach in a religious school in KS1 I think this is a fab craft idea that I am definitely going to try out! Thanks Come and See for the fab post!

come and see

IMG_0139We started last year (2012) right at the very beginning – the story of Creation – and wanted something for the younger age groups to do to help them remember the order, and to remind them of all the gifts God has given to us all.

This wall hanging is quick and simple. We did quite a bit of preparation before hand – cutting the card, the tissue paper, and the straws etc. – although if you are working with older children then they can do it more or less from scratch. Basically, make up each of the seven cards, attach them to a piece of ribbon (we just used staples to do this) and it is ready to hang. And you can make these really big, or really small, depending on your preference.

So, Day 1 – God forms light and the cosmos. Take a piece of black card…

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