Back to blogging…

Ok so starting a blog whilst studying for a PGCE was an awful idea. Hence the lack of posts since…forever!

However I have decided that it is the right time to get back to blogging. I am now a fully qualified primary school teacher having survived the PGCE and finding a full time permanent post! My fiancé has recently decided to apply to do a PGCE himself and it got me to thinking that I have all this great experience and knowledge that could not only benefit him but anyone wishing to embark on the PGCE or a career in teaching.

So here I am, back to blogging and raring to go! Just a few ideas that are to come:  ’10 ways to maximise your work experience placement in school’   ‘How to survive the PGCE’  ‘Short and simple writing activities’  ‘The power of drama: creating experiences’. 

If you’ve got anything that you might want some advice on let me know and I’ll see what blog posts I can come up with!


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