The Beginning


So I’m very new to this. To be honest I’ve never really seen the point of blogging, I mean who’s going to want to read my ramblings?…Yes Ok, I admit I’m that kind of person who reads peoples blogs, even those who I don’t know particularly well but I can’t actually imagine anyone sitting down to read mine!

Anywho, the whole reason I’m doing this is because I’ve been told to basically, apparently it’s important I know how to do this kind of thing for when I become a teacher…*DIGRESSION WARNING*… I’ve wanted to be a primary school teacher for quite a while now but after getting rejected to do PGCE at UWIC (University of Wales Institute in Cardiff) I lost faith and went through that common stage of thinking “What on earth am I supposed to do now?!?!?!”. However, recently I’ve been offered a place at Manchester Uni to do said Primary PGCE 😀 I won’t bore you with the details of the stressful week leading up to my interview (with only a weeks notice those who know me can imagine the state I was in!) but long story short I’m off to Manchester in September!!

Since being accepted everything has been HECTIC; the amount of pre-course preparation I have to do in such little time is slightly mental. Science booklets, General reading, unit upon unit of French (bearing in mind that I’ve not done any French in the past 7 years) and now ICT to add to the list…Ah, which brings me back to blogging!

Blogging, podcasting, animation, website construction and game designing are currently on my list of ICT things I need to brush up on 🙂 and I’m already eager to start planning lessons around them!

Sooooo this blog (assuming I find the time amongst the mountain of work I’m diving into) will pretty much just be me and my adventures on my exciting road to becoming a primary school teacher 🙂




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